Outstanding amongst other favorable circumstances of Borewell pumps is Hugely sparing in electrical utilization. These are intended to withstand wide voltage variances. Conover-burdening power qualities secure the motor. These pumps have progressively turned parts. Nitril elastic brambles guarantee the long existence of pump even in sloppy water. These are for the most part utilized as a part of putting out fires application. These likewise find wide utilization in constant supply of water in cultivating and Farming.


  • A pump can be placed easily on the bottom of the well or bore and do not need a foundation
  • Since the pump is always working at the bottom of the well or bore, the question of taking water or air pump is not present.
  • Since the lubrication of the pump’s bearing is done through water, there is no need for grease oil and the lifespan is greatly increased.
  • Since the entire structure is made of iron, it ensures longevity
  • Stator and rotor are both air from the air
  • Rotor and Implier Balance Is Performed
  • “Ugam Submersible” pump sets, which are very easy to pull water easily, will use less electricity to pull water out of very deep


  • Supply of abundant water supply at low electricity cost can be obtained
  • This pump works entirely from the power of low voltage pressure of electricity
  • Due to high efficiencies, light consumption and expenditure are relatively low
  • Carbon bearing bearing water is not cost effective due to the bearings
  • Can be fitted directly or in Ulaaliya wells
  • Repair of pumps and motors is very simple. All parts and raw materials are made in the country and are available when needed
  • The design of a motor of a pump is very special, it is very easy to fit, care is easy, the life span is no longer working without repairs
  • There is no question of suction in this pump as it is submerged and no air is needed

Field of use

To obtain supply from boring or open wells of drinking water, agricultural irrigation, requirement of industrial water supply, water management system for cooling,Aircondition plants, showcases for decorations etc. are widely used