Our Centrifugal Monoblock pumps are the results of the mastery of profoundly qualified specialized group with a phase shrewd unbending investigation technique under TQM idea. The volute assembly of Our Centrifugal Monoblock pumps and impellers are very much intended to give an ideal water driven productivity and suction lift trademark. CNC machinery and innovation are utilized in the fabricate of these pumps utilizing best quality crude materials, all around adjusted impellers, seals and metal rollers to guarantee long life.

Our Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps as per IS: 9079.

These pumps are fueled by a completely encased fan cooled AC enlistment motor, appropriate for extended periods of a time obligation. The motor stator is made of low watt misfortune steel overlays collected underweight and unbendingly secured in the casing. All around adjusted rotor guarantees vibration and commotion free operations. The varnish impregnated windings made of enameled copper wire offer brilliant protection. The shaft is made of value steel, accuracy ground of adequate size for transmitting the evaluated Horsepower. These pumps require a satisfactory motor assurance control board. Use of Our Centrifugal Monoblock pump set is for Hospitals, Water flow frameworks, Water supply frameworks of Government, Irrigation, Farms and Drip and sprinkler water system, Gardening, Nurseries, Domestic water supply, Multi-story Building, Industries, and Hotels.

Striking Features of Our Centrifugal Monoblock Pumpset: High working effectiveness bringing about lower control utilization, Good suction lift qualities, Dynamically adjusted pivoting parts including rotor and impeller, Balanced and inflexible development, High working weight and Designed for wide voltage variances.


Single/Three - Phase 
Power Range0.25 - 2 HP in 1 Phase
0.5 - 10 HP in 3 Phase
Speed2880 rpm
Discharge range30 - 1250 Ipm
Head range08 – 35 Meter
Suction lift up to8 meter
Suction x Delivery size12.5 - 75 mm
Version220-240V, 50 Hz, A.C.1 Phase, Permanent Split capacitor (PSC) Incorporated,
350-440V - 3 Phase
InsulationClass E
DutyS1 (Continuous)
Material of Construction 
Pump CasingCast Iron
Motor BodyCast Iron
ImpellerCast Iron / PVC
ShaftEN. 8
SealingMechanical Seal (Carbon & Ceramic) or Asestors Gland Rope Packing

Application in :
• Sprinklers, drip Irrigation & flooding.
• In Farms & Gardens
• Industrial, fountains & pools
• High-rise buildings for water water circulation
• Fire fighting set up